Moving Furniture When Having Your Carpets Cleaned

Why We Move Furniture When We Clean Your Carpets

So I was having a discussion with a potential customer just last week about moving furniture when cleaning the carpets. She had mentioned that her daughter hired a local carpet cleaning business to clean a living room carpet, and upon arrival, they pointed out that they don’t move furniture. At the end of the job, only the main walkways and visible areas were cleaned with the sofa and chairs being left in place.

Things are lurking in your carpet…

I pointed out that the low prices they charged was probably the reason for this. After all, they would not have had much time to do the clean before having moving on the to next job. But there’s main point here, and that is the carpets are not just being cleaned for appearance, but also for health.

It is well known that carpets act as a filter for all sorts of germs and debris which need to be deep cleaned regularly (This LifeHack article provides some statistics on this issue). It’s is important to clean as much of the area as possible, and for the sake of spending that extra time to move some sofa’s, chairs, tables etc. then it would be beneficial in the end.

Of course, there are some things we can’t move such as that large heavy bed or huge wardrobe but as long as we can move it, we will..