Retail Vinyl Floor Cleaning for a Charity Shop in Cardiff

We’ve recently carried out work for a client in Cardiff cleaning one of their charity retail stores. As specialists in hard floor cleaning, we were offered to quote for the whole shop and proceeded to carry out an excellent job.

Vinyl Floor Test Clean

Although the client regularly cleans and mops this floor, it was impossible to remove the dirt ingrained in the texture using these methods alone.

Complete Clean initially carried out a ‘test clean’ on a small area to highlight the results we could achieve. As you can see from the photo, this patch of vinyl flooring was no match for our specialist equipment.

Delighted with the results, we were invited to clean the whole shop.

This vinyl floor cleaning was carried out on a Sunday when the Cardiff store was closed. We regularly operate out of normal working hours for our commercial clients to minimise disruption to their organisation. The following two photos were taken during the clean and the difference is remarkably eye-catching.

The client was very impressed with our work efficiency and results and we look forward to working with them in the future.

Cardiff Retail Vinyl Floor Cleaning
Retail Vinyl Floor Cleaning Cardiff

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