5 Common Carpet Cleaning Myths

Here’s some of the common questions we get asked by our amazing customers. Everyone has different ideas about carpet cleaning and what’s expected, so here’s a rundown of the top 5…

Myth #1 – My carpet will get dirtier, quicker if I have it cleaned

WRONG!, well it depends. This can be a common problem and is solely caused by improper cleaning. (unless you’re walking all over it with muddy shoes). If you’ve had your carpets cleaned, and they seem to get dirty quite quickly, then there has been detergent residue left in your carpet, rather than being rinsed out properly during the clean. These detergent residues attract soil, quickly. You might also notice this in areas where you’ve attempted to ‘spot clean’ a stain and a dark circle has appeared over a short period of time. A true professional carpet cleaner would properly rinse your carpet and neutralise the cleaning solution eliminating this issue.

Myth #2 ­ I’ll just hire a machine from the supermarket, they do just as good a job.

WRONG! If these machines were that good, us carpet cleaners would not be investing 10’s of thousands of pounds into equipment. You might hear positive comments about these rug doctors, vax machines etc, but that’s only because the carpet looks slightly better afterwards and therefore disillusions you to think your carpet is clean. A quick search of the web will reveal the common negative sides, mainly smelly carpets, rapid resoiling (as above), and shrinking. Down to poor performance in rinsing and recovering water.

Myth #3 ­ My Carpets Will Shrink

Some carpets contain a natural woven backing, that when becoming wet, will swell and can cause ‘carpet shrinking’. But this shouldn’t happen. Firstly,­ proper carpet installation should prevent this. Secondly, a trained carpet cleaner should not over wet the carpet for the backing to be affected. These backings are commonly found on Wilton and Axminster carpets and most carpets manufactured these days contain a man-­made backing that would have no problems whatsoever. Your cleaning technician will identify any possible issues with your carpet and/or installation and explain any cause for concern at the survey stage. Of course, hiring an inexperienced, untrained cleaner can cause you problems.

Myth #4 -­ The cheapest carpet cleaner will do…

Each and every carpet cleaning technician is different in some way whether it be the equipment they are using, their method or their experience/training. The cheapest will most likely skip cleaning steps just to get the job done. It’s important for you to ask questions
about their cleaning method and get different quotes. My previous blog [choosing the right carpet cleaner] gives some good advice on this. At the end of the day, this is a service, and as a business; time=money. If you’re paying £20 to have 1 room cleaned, there’s most likely a problem with the cleaning procedure. It’s worth educating yourself if you’re looking to invite a ‘professional’ into your home. You can call us anytime for advice.

Myth #5 -­ I should only get my carpets cleaned when they look dirty.

Firstly, carpet manufacturers recommend a professional clean every 12-­18 months to maintain the quality and appearance of the carpet. Which is right, and you should. If you’ve spent a lot of money installing your carpet, just like anything else in your home, it needs to be maintained regularly. Professional cleaning removes abrasive particles, pollutants and allergens, so will benefit you in a number of ways.

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