5 Common Household Items You Need To Stop Cleaning Your Leather With

Leather is one of those amazing materials which will almost last a lifetime if cared for properly. But, it’s not just popular for it’s durability or versatility, it’s also loved around the world for its elegant appearance, which is why leather suites are highly sought after. Unfortunately, after spending thousands on their leather suite, many owners will neglect regular maintenance.

Alternatively, those who do appreciate the importance of looking after their suite, will usually use improper cleaning products. In fact, in many cases, the store that supplied the suite will provide the owner with a harmful ‘cleaning pack’. We’ve seen so many cases of a beautiful leather suite being destroyed, so we’ve gathered 5 common household products that you SHOULDN’T use, so your suite isn’t next.

Here they are:

1: Wet Wipes/Baby Wipes

In a nutshell, baby wipes are possibly the worst thing you can use to clean leather; they’re an alkaline product designed to neutralise acid on urine, and destroy the finish on your suite (even if it isn’t apparent while you’re doing it!). But, other chemicals in the product which are designed to keep them wet, such as the various alcohols, will eventually cause the leather to crack. So, while they’re great for a baby’s skin, they’re disastrous for leather.

2: Hair Spray

It may sound crazy, but some owners actually believe that hairspray has the ability to remove stains for leather. Now, we strongly object to this, as it will more cause more damage than you’ll initially realise. You see, hairspray contains a lot of alcohol, and that alone will cause significant damage over time. But, the product is also very sticky, and as dirt or dust becomes trapped on the suite, it will become susceptible to abrasions as people move on it.

3: Steam Cleaner

Theoretically, you may think it makes sense to blast your leather with a strong steam cleaner to keep it looking fresh. However, it will do far more damage than good, as steam cleaners are just far too powerful and wet. The wetness well seep into the layers of the leather, and it will begin to swell. Furthermore, that moisture will inflict further damage; it will act as a breeding ground for bacteria, turn hard once it’s dried, give off an awful odour, and remove some of the colour.

4: Washing Up Liquid

Whenever a stain appears on leather, people will panic, rush around, and grab the first thing that looks remotely capable of cleaning their suite. One of those things is washing up liquid. But, it is a product that you should be avoided like the plague when it comes to leather, as it will only cause it to crack, peel or lose value. Why? Because washing up liquid has a pH level of around 8, whereas leather is around 4, and the contrast doesn’t react well.

5: Window Cleaner

Yes, it’s true that window cleaner is very mild in comparison to other cleaning products. But, no, that doesn’t mean it can be used on literally everything. Some people attempt to clean their leather suite with it, which is a huge mistake. Nearly all window cleaning products contain alcohol, which is a silent killer for leather. It will gradually remove the finish, break down the fibres, leave discoloured patches, and cause cracking.

Of course, this isn’t an exhaustive list, and there are plenty more household items which could ruin your leather suite. Now, a lot of them are deceiving, and will appear to be working effectively. However, those products are actually causing irreversible damage which will be noticeable over time.

So, the best way to maintain your leather is to either vacuum it, or wipe it down with a white towel frequently. Also, you could utilise the Complete Clean leather maintenance cleaner, which is perfect for keeping your suite looking pristine. Although, in order to prolong the lifespan of your suite, a yearly professional deep clean is necessary, and will truly make the difference.

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