The Importance of Regular Vacuuming

To start off our regular blog, today we’re going back to the basics of carpet care; the importance of regular vacuuming that helps maintain the life of your carpet.

Many people have the idea that a carpet needs to be vacuumed when it appears dirty with debris scattered over it, or even a quick run over once a week at the most. But there is much more important idea behind vacuuming and why it should be done a lot more regular.

Effects on Your Carpet Appearance

Around 80% of soiling in your carpet is dry soil, the majority of which can be removed with thorough vacuuming. Beneath the surface, fine sands and grit have worked their way down into the pile. This grit causes excessive abrasion and wear, resulting in unsightly patchy areas. You have probably seen the effect of this when walking into a home noticing a ‘shade’ difference on the carpet through the passageway. The pile is damaged, worn and flattened, reflecting light in a different way compared to the more untouched areas. Although this is not totally avoidable over time, good, regular vacuuming will prolong the appearance meaning you carpet will look better for much longer.

For Your Health

Let’s also not forget the hygiene benefits which is preventing dust and allergens from building up in your home. This especially matters to those who suffer from asthma and allergies. And if you do suffer, any doctor would tell you to review your home cleaning routine. Carpets act as a filter trapping pollutants indoors and so regular vacuuming becomes essential preventing your flooring from becoming a breeding ground.

How Often Should I Vacuum?

Most home owners believe it’s adequate to ‘run’ the vacuum over once a week. Although this is sufficient to a certain extent, the main traffic areas/walkways will require more regular attention at least 3 times per week. This may sound a chore, but as long as your vacuum cleaner’s not ‘buried’ under the stairs, it’s well worth the short time it takes to clean.

Just remember that carpets are a big investment in any home, and regular maintenance WILL prolong the life and appearance giving you many more years of enjoyment. Vacuum regularly and have them professional cleaned every 12-18 months.

Top Tip: Vacuuming is most effective when on pulling the vacuum back towards you. Take time going over the carpet in all four directions.