Why Cheap Can Cost You a Lot More

So your looking for a carpet cleaner right? They’re everywhere; constantly posting on Facebook, leaflets through your door etc. It’s hard to choose, after all, what’s the difference between them? Why is that carpet cleaner offering to clean my lounge for £20 and the other cleaner offering to do it for £60? Well, there’s that classic expression when it comes down to shopping for something and that is ‘you get what you pay for’.

What we’ve seen in the last 5 years, and especially since the recession is that anyone can purchase some cheap carpet cleaning equipment and call themselves a ‘professional carpet cleaner’. It looks an easy industry to get into, but then there’s the costs of running their business, insurances, maintenance, training etc. This is why an expert cleaner charges for work at the right price. He/She is regularly training and reinvesting in new equipment keeping them at the forefront of the industry.

So what’s this got to do with costing me more money?

Well, when your cleaner is charging you £20 for your living room, and their running a business, then they’re going to have to be quick, very quick. If they have their regular outgoings, they’ll want to make some money for a wage. This is usually where corners are cut and it could be down to anything to make the job quicker, not moving furniture, not carrying out the correct cleaning process. This all results in you, the customer, not getting the proper clean and can lead to all sort of problems soon after. Then you’ll definitely consider calling in the real professional to make sure it get’s done properly.

We get these ‘repair’ jobs from time to time and have mostly had success. But then there’s been the few which have destroyed the carpet.

Just remember to ask the right questions when looking for a carpet cleaner and don’t just shop on price. We’re all different, but the main thing is, quality comes at a fair price. After all, would you take your family car to someone advertising £30 for a service, I know I wouldn’t.